Mod Podge Canvas Collage

This is my first post in several months… Unfortunately when classes started I did not have time to do any crafts, leaving me with nothing to blog about! This is a quick post, but I’m trying to get back into crafting & blogging because it is a total stress reliever.

A couple weeks ago my roommate and I decided that we really needed to give our apartment a girly, feminine touch. We are always so busy with classes, work, and extracurricular activities that we never really had time to decorate (aside from our rooms of course, which we did over the Summer. I recently rearranged my room– but that’s for a later blog post so stay tuned!).

I always have a container of Mod Podge on hand so when I saw a couple cheap white canvases at Big Lots when we were doing some bargain shopping, I snagged them. Here are the masterpieces we created!

In the making: The bathroom canvas I created

Mod Podge, foam brush, magazine clippings & a canvas

I still need to hang it up, but here is the canvas I created for our bathroom!

The artwork we created for our living room

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